Is your computer system starting to show its age? Some simple upgrades could roll back the years What’s that creaking sound? If your computer is showing its age and wheezing through tasks that were once a breeze, it’s time to knock it back into shape. You don’t need to go to the expense of buying a whole new PC. A few pertinent upgrades can knock years off your existing system. Not only is it a cheaper option, you’ll also save yourself the hassle of having to transfer all your data across from the old computer to the new. Do bear in mind that it’s generally simpler to make DIY upgrades to a desktop machine than a laptop, though there are changes you can make to the latter to give it a little extra oomph as well. Let’s take a look…


Adding more storage space

A common upgrade is to boost your storage levels. Standard hard drives have plummeted in price while their capacity has soared with the result that you can pick up a two-terabyte drive to slot into your desktop PC for just TSH. 225,000/= Let’s put the size of that drive into perspective: 2TB of storage could hold half a million photos or 750 hours of video, more than enough for most people. That price is for an internal drive; you’ll have to open up your PC and plug it into an available slot.

Another storage option is a solid state drive (SSD). This functions in exactly the same way as a traditional hard drive, but the technology involves no moving parts. As a result, SSDs are faster and more reliable – as well as weighing less. That last factor makes them a popular choice for laptops. These drives have become more affordable recently, though they are still more expensive than normal hard drives.
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