About Us

 AJER’S TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED is the Citizen Company situated at KKKT Building opposite Moshi bus Stand.

Ajers Technology Company limited has helped clients improve their business. We have provided a range of solutions that fit our clients’ needs. When a company starts looking for solutions to internal problems,
whether it is in computers maintenance, website designing, virus, software, networking or hardware issues they often look for technology to provide the answer.


We strive to help our clients do great work through the limitless solutions we offer. Our goal is to be the best ICT provider in Tanzania. We want to be recognized by our employees, customers and partners as being the best ICT Company to do business with.


We strive to assist and enabling customers to do excellent work and facilitate growth by:

 * Leveraging the intellect of our empowered people to deliver optimized, cost-effective solutions.
 * Exceeding expectations
 * Remaining true to our values
 * Developing key intellectual property


Try us today and you will never regret.


Call:      +255755277807

Office:  +255272754691

E-mail: info@ajerstechnology.com